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We know what you're going through...

Yes, it happens to all of us. Olivia, like us, came to this side of the world delighted with all that Australia and New Zealand have to offer and with the Work & Holiday Visa (or Student Visa for some others) was trying to find professional job opportunities... but wait! It's been 3 months and Olivia is running out of savings. She can't find a professional job... she thinks:

Olivia went through a lot and it was not easy , we are not going to lie!   But with perseverance and help from LAS BREAKERS, she got her first professional job! And with it, she also became a BREAKER, as was able to fight against all those negative thoughts and paradigms of society. And from here we say: GO ON! Do not give up! Like Olivia, we have heard stories of some other BREAKERS who inspired us to create this PORTAL .

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Breaker Stories

Breaker Stories

Do you want to know the story of extraordinary women who managed to position themselves professionally in Australia or New Zealand?
We have compiled these Breaker Stories that we know will inspire you not to give up!


Valuable Tips

"The only source of knowledge is experience". We offer you a compilation of the best tips
based on our own experiences, and those of other Breakers, to make your way a little easier
in search of that professional job you love so much.


While there are no formulas for finding professional work in Aussie / Kiwi-land, this guide
will give you those tips you need to help you save time in that process. It may be months
you will save. Don’t you know the saying "time is money"?


Connections are very important in any area of your life, we know that, but of course, we arrived alone in this other side of the world without -probably- knowing anyone and forging those connections will be quite challenging. We already encourage you to join our LinkedIn community of Breakers! Click here to join.

Not alone anymore

We want you to know that you are not alone in this process, that like you, we have been through the same and nowadays, we are still learning. We want to alleviate a little stress or anxiety that you carry inside and at the same time encourage you to continue forward.

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About us

The first Breakers

Diana and Rocio are the first Breakers. They met in Melbourne, Australia. Click to read more about them.


Rocio Santos

Diana Esqueche

Our website is dedicated to women, but it is not exclusive to them. Read more here.
Remember that...
We are not a Visa Agency. If you read us it is because surely you already got your visa to come to this side of the world.
We are not an employment agency. And we also cannot guarantee that all professions can work in OZ / NZ.

Do you have any further questions? Enter to our Frequently Asked Questions section here.

If you think you are a future Breaker , or you are already a Breaker , send us a message here or send us an email to the e-mail address indicated below. We are always happy to hear about more inspiring stories.

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